I'm Adam Ingram

I'm a Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics and Royal Society University Research Fellow in the Newcastle University Observational Astronomy group. I use X-ray observations and theoretical modelling to probe the environment of accreting black holes. This helps us learn about the very strong gravitational fields close to black hole event horizons, and how these objects formed and grew to their current sizes. I study quasi-periodic oscillations (QPOs) - nearly periodic changes in the observed X-ray brightness of the accreting plasma - and the idea that these result from relativistic precession. I also use the variability of reflected X-rays to constrain the geometry close to the black hole and measure its mass. The source code of my X-ray reverberation mapping model RELTRANS can be downloaded below. I am interested in using X-ray polarimetry to learn about black holes, a field that IXPE is currently revolutionizing since its launch in December 2021.