The source code, grids and the submitted paper describing my reverberation mapping model RELTRANS can be found here. Eventually, RELTRANS will have it's own website, but for now, the files are hosted here!

Source code

Click on the link below to download the source code. Unzip and untar the gzipped tar file and save in a clean directory. Then follow the instructions in the README file.



RELTRANS uses XILLVER to calculate the restframe reflection spectrum. If you do not have an up to date version of RELXILL, you will need to download the most recent XILLVER grid from the link below (the relxill_tables.tgz link will do it). A guide to install the grids is included in the README file in the above link.

relxill webpage.

Geodesic grid

By default, RELTRANS calculates everything on the fly. You can speed up the model a little in certain circumstances (again, see the README) by downloading a grid with geodesic information pre-calculated. Just click on the link below to download and then follow the instructions in the ever-faithful README file.



Here is the paper describing the model in excruciating detail!